10th January 2020

Our Staff

1. Krishan Kant

Krishan Kant (Baby Krishna/KK) is the Founder and CEO of KKDigitalServices.com. an Experienced Web Developer, Web Designer, and Graphic designer. and also a good Mentor, Entrepreneur. he has more than 3 years of experience in Programming and Design. He is  Currently Working on 15+ Website and 2 YouTube Channel.

  • Freestudy4u.com
  • TopTenAmazing.com
  • LoveFunda.in

2. Arun Rajput

Arun Rajpoot is a Founder of  YourIndianHelper.com he has more than 3 years of experience in Marketing he works many companies as a digital marketer.

3. Avinash Kumar

Avinash Kumar is a Founder and CEO of avinashbharat.in and he is also a motivational speaker, storyteller, and blogger. he has written more than 5000 blogs and articles for different websites. he has worked with many regional, national news channels and portals for the past several years

  • avinashbharat.in
  • avinashbharat.com

4. Varsha Niranjan 

Varsha Patel is Co-Founder of KKdigitalServices.com Shes have more than 3 Years of experience in Web Development and Designing.

5. Rolly Patel

She is Co-Founder of Freestudy4u.com, and Account Manager and Designer in KKDigitalServices.com. She is Also a Teacher and Mentor Shes have more than 3 Years of Experience in Teaching and Design.